Energy and Infrastructure

Georgia is one of the most promising countries for hydroelectric power generation in Europe, offering a wealth of opportunities for investors. There are more than 26,000 rivers in the country and 300 are deemed to have significant hydropower potential, with the ability to generate over of 15,000 MW. This is more than five times the capacity of existing hydropower plants in Georgia.

Over the last decade, electricity consumption has grown largely in line with real GDP growth rate and reached 13.1 tWh in 2018. This trend is expected to continue. Electricity generation has also been growing quite significantly since 2004, in part due to renewal and rehabilitation of existing HPPs and in part due to development of new power plants, reaching 12.1 tWh in 2018.

As consumption continues to rise not only in Georgia, but in neighboring countries as well, there is great opportunity to develop new power plants to keep up with this ever-increasing demand. According to estimates, currently only about 25% of Georgia’s potential is exploited. Therefore, there is a lot of untapped potential, mostly from hydro resources, but also from wind, solar, Geothermal and biomass sources as well. As the market develops, the Fund will consider additional renewable energy and infrastructure investment opportunities.

Our approach:

The Fund will focus on investing in the following project types: 


Medium and large scale hydro projects

  • Greenfield
  • Brownfield
Thermal Power

Above 200 MW

  • Coal-fired Thermal Power Plants
  • Gas-fired Thermal Power projects
Large Scale Commercial Infrastructure
  • Processing
  • Transportation
  • Storage


  • Mtkvari HPP

    Total Investment Size: US$ 236 M

  • Lentekhi HPP

    Total Investment Size: US$ 385 M