Georgian Co-Investment Fund donates 500, 000 GEL to help Tbilisi flood victims

25 June, 2015
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The Georgian Co-Investment Fund (“GCF”), Georgia’s leading private equity fund, has donated 500, 000 Georgian Lari (equivalent to approximately US$220,000) to Tbilisi City Hall’s dedicated account set up to help the victims of the June 13 flash flood that devastated large parts of Georgia’s capital city.

The CEO of GCF, Mr. George Bachiashvili said: “The impact of the floods on the citizens of Tbilisi has been profound, leading to the tragic loss of life and major displacement of families from their homes. We want to express our heartfelt condolences to those who were injured, lost loved ones and have had their properties devastated. I am very proud to say that my colleagues in GCF have taken it upon themselves to begin volunteering in flood clean up and supplying food and medicines at the areas of worst affect. As our city tries to recover from this tragedy, we urge the business community, both local and international, to support these efforts through donations however big or small.”

To further support the recovery operation, GCF, together with its partner company “BitFury Group”, has set up joint Bitcoin wallet which has enabled those from all around the globe wishing to support this important cause to donate.

Since being set up, this has raised over US$58,000 through secure Blockchain technologies. These will be added to the money already donated by GCF and will be focused on supporting flood victims as well as rebuilding and repairing the Tbilisi Zoo, which lost hundreds of animals and has suffered significant damage.

For further information please contact:

Tinatin Odilavadze
Head of Public Relations, Georgian Co-Investmnt Fund
T: +995 32 2470004
E: [email protected]