Construction of the golf course at Tabor Hill is in its final stage

10 December, 2018
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Construction of nine-hole Tabori Hill golf course in Tbilisi, Georgia, will be completed soon. The Golfplan design is now in the grow-in phase and expected to open in spring 2019.

The project covers over 40 hectare and the 95% of the total area will be fully green. The largest recreational area in Tbilisi open to the public, will feature a 9-hole golf course and clubhouse, artificial lake, tennis court, 170-room luxury hotel with two swimming pools, spa center, gym, restaurants, cafes etc.

The project aims to create new jobs and attract tourists from countries, where golf cannot be played in the winter season.

The construction of the golf course involves several phases, namely: planning and design, formation, design and installation of drainage / irrigation systems, grass sowing, etc. Each phase involves leading companies around the world, including grass seeds specially selected by the Dutch company Barenburg, and world-renowned American company Toro (TORO).