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    US$ 40 M

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Planta Greenhouse

Planta Greenhouse is one of Georgian Co-Investment Fund's successful investment projects located in Gardabani municipality, Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia. Currently, the greenhouse covers 12 hectares and produces cucumbers and tomatoes for local as well as for regional market.

Product and Target Markets

  • Cucumber & Tomato
  • Local market - 30 % Import substitution; Export


  • Phase I:  4.4 ha greenhouse with production of 4,000 tons per year (completed in QI, 2015)
  • Phase II: expand to 12 ha with production of 8,000 tons per year (completed in QII, 2016)
  • Potential: expand greenhouse to 35 ha


  • Gardabani municipality, Kvemo Kartli region: region with one of the highest sun insolation in Georgia
  • Strategic location with potential of using thermal power plant heat
  • Access to infrastructure: gas, water, electricity


  • RICHEL GROUP - 50 years’ experience  experience in greenhouse business (250 ha construction pa), including our region (Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey)
  • CERTHON - Experience goes back to the beginning of 20th Century. Certhon has played an important role in the development of modern-day greenhouse industry. Familiar with region - projects completed in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan.